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Packaging Design Service.

Established since 2008, we have all the necessary design service experience you need to complete your next packaging design

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3 types of packaging design services

#1 Outer packaging design
Outer box, pouch bag, shrink wrap are some of the most popular outer packaging design

#2 Inner packaging design
Insert, wrapping bag, bubble wrap and etc which protect the product during shipment

#3 Product packaging design
Bottle, labels, sticker, jar and etc.

Top 3 ways to use packaging design as a marketing tool

#1 Print Valuable information
The main function of the product, key features / technology / ingredients, warranty / lifespan.

#2 Product recycling
Promoting green could potentially add a few extra scores to your branding.

#3 Transform into a creative game
Make it fun!

5 types of packaging design can destroy your brand?

Difficult to Open
Labels that are hard to read
Not environmentally-friendly
Excess or over-packaging
Unclear or confusing messaging

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