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B2B Marketing (Business Marketing) Service.

Professional B2B (business marketing) service for Automotive, Manufacturer, IT, Engineering and vary sectors in Malaysia

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What is business marketing service?

Business marketing service (B2B Marketing) is the process of market products to potential buyer who use it internally or reselling the products to another business (or end user). The process of each business marketing vary depends on the types of consumers, decision markers, sales cycle and other factors. SurfLoft Sdn Bhd is very well-known as B2B marketing company in Malaysia.

The top 4 secrets of B2B marketing

#1 Know your audience
It’s key to know who you are targeting, what your buyers want and what they are struggling with. Knowing your audience is the foundation to develop an effective marketing strategy plan.

#2 B2B sales cycle vs B2C
B2B sales have a longer sales cycle than B2C therefore when planning your B2B marketing strategy, it should not be the same as a B2C marketing plan. For instance, B2B businesses market to a group that consists of multiple decision-makers and managers. B2C businesses market directly to the end-user.

#3 Long term marketing (long sales cycle)
B2B buyers are planned and logical, it often involves a committee for purchasing decisions. Whereas B2C buyers are emotional and can make purchase decisions based on desires. Therefore a successful marketing campaign can be easily proven when you are in the B2C market. B2B market needs a longer period to determine the ROI.

#4 SEO
It is one of the best marketing channels to drive quality leads for businesses. Organic search is playing a huge part in today’s B2B customer journey. As the study shows, over 70% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search.

Three B2B marketing strategies proven to increase sales monthly?

#1 Huge exposure
No exposure = No sales. Therefore gaining a lot of exposure for a company is essential but using the right channel to gain quality exposure is extremely important. Because quality leads help shorten the sales cycle.

#2 Share useful content that addresses your prospect need
Study shows over 55% of buyers would do research online before interacting with a salesperson because the salesperson pushes a sales agenda rather than help prospects to solve their problem. Thus sharing useful content that can benefit your visitors, would help visitors understand how you can help, and how much the company knows about their needs. It could increase the conversion rate and visitor’s trust in your business.

#3 Build relations with your prospect
Building personal relationships with potential prospects would drive long-term business. Because clients aren’t going to buy your products or services if they don’t trust you. Hence, you need to show your clients you are interested in helping them to solve their problem, build a genuine relationship with them.

Business marketing (B2B) vs Consumer marketing (B2C)

#1 B2B Marketing (Business): B2B marketing are slightly different from B2C (consumer) marketing. B2B buyers are logic driven, make decision based on time, money & resources saved. Favor on promotion with high saving.

Recent data suggests Malaysia businesses are potential to buy from companies they exposed through social media.

#2 B2C Marketing (Consumer): When you are marketing to a consumer, consumer are expecting to receive some benefits from the product. Their decision is more emotional. Your marketing message to consumers must be simple and easy to understand. Consumers also have a much shorter purchasing cycle than businesses. The purchases could take few seconds to weeks for higher spending products. The decision often by only one person or two(couple).

Main consumer market are consumer products, food & beverage products, retail products, and transportation products.

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Portfolio of Business Marketing Service.

Business marketing service for Automotive, Engineering, Manufacturer, IT, F&B and vary sectors in Malaysia