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Proven Marketing Service To Get New Customers and Sales.

A marketing service with proven record in getting new customers that are quality

marketing service in malaysia

Marketing has changed a lot over the past 10 years. Our marketing service is designed to connect your business to quality customers that eventually buy from you on the marketing platforms that work on today market environment.

SURFLOFT offers two major services which consist of marketing and graphic design. Looking at the marketing aspect, we provide marketing consultation, SEO, digital marketing and social media marketing. On the other hand, we provide graphic design, website design, company profile design, brochure design, bunting design, logo design, packaging design, event booth design and so on.

We employ tested and proven marketing methods, from marketing consultation to design services, offer a full range of digital marketing solutions.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the process for creating, communicating, deliver offer to customers. A good marketing service can convince your potential customers and improve your business sales. Beside, marketing involving research, targeting and communication by advertising.

How online marketing helps drive sales for your business 24/7

#1 Getting new customers (because customers are online)
#2 Drive quality traffic
#3 Increase your brand’s visibility
#4 Stand out from your competitors (your competitors are doing it)
#5 Sustainable sales cycle

Why did most B2B marketing failed?

#1 Using B2C marketing approach
#2 Lacks understanding of sales cycle
#3 Lacks experience
#4 Failing to measure B2B marketing ROI
#5 Forgetting SEO

The benefits of our marketing service

Our marketing service are designed to help business getting more sales with proven marketing framework.

The marketing services provided by us covered the overall marketing planning, pricing, promotion and distribution strategy. Ultimately, to increase the marketing conversion rate by communicating a more effective marketing message.

#1 It helps boost sales
#2 It grows your business faster
#3 It tell you apart from your competitors
#4 It helps build your company image
#5 It is useful for customers education

Type of marketing activities

1. Agile marketing is about being open, receptive and responsive to change with your marketing strategy that can attract more customers that would interested with your products.

2. Ambush marketing will attempt to associate its products or services with an event that already has official sponsors. Marketing that uses this strategy is lower in cost and yet still to compete with their competitors.

3. Article marketing is a type of advertising for businesses to write articles to distribute across the internet space. The articles are commonly distributed to news portal, forums, and PR sites. This is similar to content marketing, but the articles don’t exist on a company’s website.

4. Below the line marketing (BTL) are targeted service marketing that doesn’t use social media like TV and radio. It might suitable for more personal selling and more common on traditional marketing services.

5. Brand marketing is marketing progress to define a company identity.

6. Call to action are important to get the customer to act now, and motivate the customer to act faster.

Benefit of assign a marketing service provider

A Malaysia marketing service provider like SurfLoft Sdn Bhd, can you help to grow your business faster and improve marketing return on investment.

1. It will increase the visibility of your brand

2. Develops long-lasting relationships with your customer

3. It creates loyalty and trust to the targeted audience (Current customers and prospects)

4. It helps you to build authority and credibility for your company

5. Positions your business as an expert in your industry

6. Generates traffic to your site to improve the sales lead generation

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Portfolio of marketing consulting service.

Marketing consulting service for Automotive, Engineering, Travel Agency, IT, F&B and vary sectors