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Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing on SEO, PPC, Social Media, Google, Facebook, Youtube and more.

Digital Marketing Service in Malaysia

On this era, digital marketing plays a critical role in brand’s major communication plan. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Facebook Marketing, Google Search Marketing, Youtube are some of the channels to raise brand awareness and promoting brand online.

Ultimately, digital marketing agency can help you generate sales leads online. Our digital marketing service including build marketing plan that convert online visitors into sales leads.

How digital marketing service could generate sales to your SME business monthly?

#1 Able to reach over 10,000 people at once (high exposure)
It allows businesses to attract 10,000 or more audiences at once with precisely setting the potential audience types. Which means, it could gain high exposure with a filtered group of the targeted audience. Eventually, it helps drive quality leads and increase conversion rate.

#2 Easy for sales funnel planning and conversion
It also includes measuring tools for business to find out exactly how many visitors, leads or customers each ad has generated, which is good for the marketer to do the sales funnel planning. For instance, if your marketing data show every 1 new customer converted from every 200 visitors. Then, when you have a target of gaining 10 new customers monthly, then you know how much exposure you need to achieve your goal.

#3 Low budget marketing
Compared with traditional marketing, digital marketing is a better and much more cost-effective marketing channel. It is best suited for SME businesses to gain exposure.

#4 Constantly engage with customers
Digital marketing allows interaction and provides your customers with proper engagement points that can give you an insight into what your targeted customers want. One bonus point of it is that the interaction can be performed instantly, customers do not need to wait for days to receive your answer/reply.

5 major benefits from using digital marketing service for your business

#1 Cost-effective and low entry level
Digital marketing helps you save money and obtain more leads. Besides, its budget-friendly, your marketing budget can go as low as RM 100 to RM 10,000 monthly, depending on your corporate size.

#2 Most measurable form of marketing
It allows you to track various matrices with each campaign which includes impressions, comments, shares, clicks, and so on. This makes it easier for you to measure how your campaign is performing.

#3 Build brand awareness
Using digital marketing allows you to target over 100,000 people at once. Therefore, it is a good tool to gain brand awareness online.

#4 Great engagement with the target audience
Digital platforms allow you to receive messages from customers instantly. With its benefits, you can engage with your customers anytime, anywhere when they need help.

#5 It allows you to target your ideal buyer
One of the best things about digital marketing is that you can create your own target audience. You can filter out groups by their age, demographic, interest, occupation, and so on.

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

Digital marketing
#1 Low cost, low entry level
#2 Higher exposure
#3 Measure-able
#4 Able to target your ideal audience
#5 No restriction on geographic
#6 Real time result

Traditional marketing
#1 Great for targeting local audience
#2 Quick to reach board audience
#3 Good reach of mature audience
#4 Hard copy marketing material is easier to remember
A study measuring ease of understanding, persuasiveness, and attention in people exposed to ads on paper and on digital medium using eye-tracking technology and EEG, found that paper is 21% easier to understand and then 70% of people reading paper ads are more likely to remember the company which placed the ad. (according to Asset Digital Communications, 3 Jan 19)
#5 Material can be kept or circulate around

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    Good job, excellent

    "Thanks for your kind services during these times. You had done a good job and the brochure is excellent. We appreciate for your services and i hope we will meet again for next product brochure design."

    Mr. Jeff Tan

    General Manager, Hai Point Marketing Sdn Bhd (Golden Bull Award winner)

    Impeccable job

    "We are impressed with how your team has worked with us. You are doing an impeccable job and we are looking forward to using your services moving forward."

    Mr. Bryan Soh

    Sales & Marketing Manager, HENNER

    Professional marketing concept

    "As a new startup company, SURFLOFT has effectively applied professional marketing concept and ideas towards our goal of building a strong brand awareness. Great job and thanks!"

    Mr. Chris Cheang

    Director, DTOX (Lean Concepts Sdn Bhd)

    Well presented. Top notch.

    "Very well presented. Mr. Tan was professional and approached his concept with precise explaination & visual. Top notch."

    Mr. Daniel

    Project Manager, Vibran Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd