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Logo Design Service.

Over 10 years in design service, a trust-able logo design service provider for your SME business

logo design service Malaysia

There are 7 types of logo designs. Which type of logo is right for you?

Monogram logos
Brand marks
Abstract logo marks
Combination marks

5 reasons why good logo design is important to your business

#1 It create attention
The attention span is getting shorter than ever. As we glance through our screen, companies only get an average of 3 seconds to convince potential consumers to consider reading your ad.

#2 The first impression matters
The first impression is very important, whether you are meeting a new friend, client, or future father and month in law. Same as the first impression your brand/company leaves to the audience.

#3 It’s easier to remember
Logo is imprinted on your products, your website, your business card, your catalog and so on. The more people see, the better for them to remember your brand.

#4 It reveals your brand identity and separates you from competition
Logo is one of the first elements that allow prospects and consumers to tell you apart from others.

#5 Proof your professionalism
A good design logo can deliver the professional approach of your brand in conducting its business.

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