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Flyer Design Service, Leaflet Design Service.

Over 10 years in design service, a trust-able leaflet and flyer design company for your next promotion

Malaysia flyer leaflet design service

One of the oldest marketing methods – flyer or leaflet.

Top 4 benefits of using flyer to promote your business

#1 Inexpensive
Flyer is significantly cheaper to produce than investing in digital marketing strategy.

#2 Easy to read
Flyer design will only add important information that is needed to be known by potential customers. The visual design is often straight to the point so making them easy to read is critical.

#3 Easy to reach specific demographics
One can decide to distribute flyers in areas that have a higher percentage of the targeted market. For instance, you could only post flyers about your luxury product to high-income postcodes.

#4 Hardcopy
One of the biggest benefits of the flyer is that they are in a physical copy. Flyers provide something that can be stored in your customers’ hands rather than a screen. In contrast, millions of marketing emails are not read every day while flyer seems a little stand out on some occasion. One of the surveys reported that 88 percent of respondents believe they understand and store information better when they read the print on paper.

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