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Brochure Design Service.

Super effective brochure design service for Malaysia business!

malaysia brochure design service

Surfloft Sdn Bhd brochure design services focus on our client’s brand message and marketing goals.

From your products unique selling point, content write-up to graphic design creation, our team deliver a concept that is both original and unique.

Our extensive experience in the production of brochure design, built up since 2009. Our brochure design portfolio including simple brochure to booklet style brochure. Our team of marketing and design professionals are experienced in develop a solution matching your requirement.

Benefit of Our Brochure Design Service

With over 10 years of experience in brochure design services, we can help you to achieve more.

1. Fast delivery: It takes as short as 2 working days for a first draft to complete
2. Top design SOP: Our tested design S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) are the secret to high quality and consistency brochure design.
3. Experience team: Our brochure designer, copywriter are trained and updated with latest design practice.

Type of Brochure Design Service

Not sure the different types of brochure suitable for your business?

1. A4 Tri-fold brochure: In general, A4 Tri-fold brochure is the most common brochure in Malaysia. It is often budget friendly to print. (Z-fold brochure: Just like Tri-fold brochure, but the brochure folds into the “Z” format. Also called 3 panels brochure.)

2. Bi-fold brochure: Bi-fold means 2 fold, A4 Bi-fold brochure refer to A4 fold into half.

3. Flyer or Leaflets: Compare to other brochure type, this is straight forward, not folding. The cheapest to print among brochure.

4. Folder: This type of brochure has a pocket for flyer insertion.

5. Booklet-style brochure: Property brochure, handbook, company profile and catalog which usually 12 pages above.

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Brochure Design Portfolio.

Brochure design service for Logistic, Automotive, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing, F&B and vary sectors. Since 2008.