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Poster Design Service.

A design service provider since 2008, we are available to help you out with your poster design

Malaysia poster design service

4 best ways to make an eye-catching and effective poster

#1 Make an eye-catching key message large
A hook headline always catches the audience’s attention and the poster headline is usually readable from far. People who want to know more will come closer to read.

#2 Use some contrast colour to create attention
People are bombarded with ads these days, they do not have time to pay close attention to things around them. Contrast makes us spot things easily as there is a pop colour that catches the attention.

#3 Make good use of space
Use exaggerated spacing between elements when it comes to poster design. The extra spacing will increase visual impact and readability at distances.

#4 Includes a call to action
Call to action is vital for poster design because the goal of every poster is to expose to people something. You need to give them a call to take the action you want.

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