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Web Design Service.

Over 10 years in web design service, a trust-able web design company with proven track records

malaysia website design service

Founded in 2009, SurfLoft Sdn Bhd is an established web design service provider in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. We design website, setup content management systems (CMS), perform search engine optimization (SEO) and market your business online. We have established our brand as a trusted and reliable web design company for many high profile brands in Malaysia.

Our team take an unique approach to differentiate your brand and make you stand out from your competitors. So that we can convert your online visitors into sales leads.
Having an professional website nowadays is important for your business. Both consumers and companies searching information on search engine – such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Benefit of Professional Web Design Service

Unlike you are doing a brick and mortar business, which is only open a 10hours a day, a website could operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve your customer.

With a website, your business can now provide the convenience of reviewing on your products and services even when your store are closed.

Not only just that, with so many interactive features to add on your visitors can contact you by filling up online form, sign up for your courses, schedule appointments and even purchase directly through your website even when you’re away from your desk or the days your store are off.

With today’s busy lifestyles, website is a great selling point when customer want to making a purchase decision on online.

1. On-time completion: Over 10 years in web design service, we can ensure your web design service order is complete on-time. From shortest 2 weeks to average 1 month. Don’t waste time waiting for 3-6months.
2. Custom web design: You get a custom web design that represent your brand and clearly tell what you do. A very big differentiation compare to freelance, new start-up or free web maker.
3. Fast-loading web pages: We make it lightweight and stable web system.
4. SEO service : (add-on) SEO Service upgrade is possible.
5. Mobile layout (Automatic): Compatible to mobile device layout. When your customers visit your web from mobile phone, your web will automatically switch to mobile specification layout for easier reading.
6. Reputable web design company: See our web design portfolio and testimonials to believe. The preferred web design company by many brands since 2009.

Type of Web Design Service

Web design service coverage and pricing are based on functionality, content and design.

1. CMS Web design: CMS (Content Management System) allows easier and faster content update.
2. E-commerce web design: CMS website with payment receiving system.
3. Static Web: Single or few pages web pages without CMS. For very short term or one time marketing purpose.

What do i need to include in my company website?

Most people will usually trust on their first impressions of website, which is why you need to create an impactful landing page. It has to be customer friendly and informative enough, while remain visually attractive.

Second, you need to put in all the content that can gain trust from your web visitors. That would included your company background, product benefits, values and reference.

We also recommend for you to include your social media links on your website. Social media channels are effective marketing way to keep your audience informed and engaged.

Lastly, make the contact details easy to access and in fact we will setup the online enquiry form for you.
This way, you will allow the potential clients to approach you and ask about the other details of your business or you could contact them based on the given details.

How can i get more customers using my website?

To get more customers to your website, you need to have a properly setuped website to make it show up infirst page of Google search results.

According to a study, over 80 percent of consumers perform online research based on what they needed on website before making a purchase. That means people trusted on info found online. This can be understand because it saves time and cost.

Take our SEO service to rank your website on google first page. With this high visibility on Google search result, you will able to reach out more customers who have needs on your products.

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Website design for Automotive, Engineering, Construction, IT, Manufacturing and vary sectors