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Social Media Design.

Custom social media design to enhance your brand presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more.

Reach new customers, connect with existing one, share your story and showcase what you’ve got to offer.
SURFLOFT knows the importance of a well-designed Facebook Post, Instagram Photo, Youtube Video and more. Our talented team of creative designers put together eye-catching and creative social media design. Attract more people to do business with you.
Supercharge your social media marketing with meaningful and engaging posts today!

10 tips to create social media design that people like

#1 Short and engaging
Keep the social media post design short and interact with the audiences.

#2 Share valuable information
Share tips and articles that they care about. Don’t over promote your products or services.

#3 Use bright and bold colours
Play with colours and post contrast.

#4 Avoid too many text
Highlight a few important message in the social media design, avoid loaded with tons of text because your audience won’t attracted to view.

#5 Use icon to express idea
For tips and infographic, icons are deliver better message then plain text.

#6 Language and tone
Speak the same language and tone as your target audience

#7 Catchy keywords
For example, “Limited”, “DONT”, “LAST”

#8 Typography
Typography is big part of social media design.

#9 Visual representation
What visual message do you want to deliver? Wise choose with the photo to use.

#10 Keep it simple
Dont overdo it, keep it clean.

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