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Marketing Consulting Service To Grow Business 10X Faster.

Increase number of customers and sales with professional marketing consulting service

marketing consulting service in malaysia

Marketing consulting service increase number of customers and sales to your business. Our marketing consultant provide useful insight on all marketing aspects and help your business grow especially in Malaysia market.

With tons of experience in marketing strategy, media channels, social media marketing and creative design, our marketing consultant have the ability and credibility you are looking for.

Do my business really need marketing?
Marketing refers to the activities to promo and selling a product or service. It includes sales kit design, marketing materials design, advertising, marketing channel selection and marketing planning. The ultimate goal is to get attention of target buyers using persuasive marketing materials, packaging design, celebrity endorsements and media exposure.

The benefits of our marketing consulting service

1. Saves time
A consultant will focus on your company’s marketing efforts and their sole purpose is to build a better sales funnel to increase conversion rate and grow your business steadily. Meanwhile, your employees’ time can be better spent elsewhere.

2. Saves money
That’s right! You can save money from hiring a marketing consultant because he/she can use their expertise to create an effective marketing strategy plan for your business.

3. Strengthen your brand identity
A strong brand identity is essential whether your business is 1 month old or 10 years old. Marketing consultants can give suggestions on your current logo, website, brand voice, and social media presence to form a coherent brand that will help strengthen brand identity.

4. Established marketing agency
Providing marketing consulting service since 2009, Surfloft Sdn Bhd is trustable marketing company to partner with.

5. Suitable for SME and Corporate
We have different marketing approach for different marketing spending. We have marketing solutions customized to fit for customer turnover ranged from just 3 millions (RM) to average 40 millions (RM)

6. Tested Marketing S.O.P.
Tested and improved over years, our Marketing S.O.P.(Standard Operating Procedure) is the secret to fast result and efficient marketing spending.

Type of marketing

1. Internet marketing
To market your products online.

2. SEO
SEO service is the process of optimizing content on a website so that it can rank higher in search engine results like Google. Different from traditional marketing, some reports suggests many buyers nowadays tend to search online before purchase.

3. Social media marketing
Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn are some of the most commonly used social media marketing channels in Malaysia.

4. Search engine marketing
Commonly linked as Pay-per-click. Google Adwords is one the most popular channel in Malaysia.

5. Video marketing
Promoting product by publishing video in facebook, Youtube and Instragram.

6. Print marketing
Sponsor to article and content in newspapers and magazines.

5 steps to find the right marketing consultant for your business?

1. Have the ability to listen and understand the business
First, check if the consultant can understand your business

2. Having practical experience especially in setting up businesses
Second, check if he/she is experienced in doing business in the past

3. With traditional & digital marketing experience
Third, consultants should have experience in both traditional & digital marketing. Also, knowing the business model framework is important too.

4. A good and proven track record
Forth, get to know their past track record and the individual consultant as well

5. Problem-solving oriented
Fifth, ask more questions to find out if the consultant is problem-solving oriented with optimistic thinking.

Sales & Marketing Tips

Exclusive sales & marketing consultation tip for your business:
How to promote your business like a marketing expert
How to get more business without pushy
How to grow your business fast without spending alot
How to market a product like a pro (The Super 4C)

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Portfolio of marketing consulting service.

Marketing consulting service for Automotive, Engineering, Travel Agency, IT, F&B and vary sectors