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Backdrop Design Service.

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Type of backdrop design service

#1 Premium backdrops
Mostly used for business events, for example, product launches, annual dinners, conferences, and so on.

#2 Fabric backdrop
This type of backdrops are usually paired with backdrop stands and commonly used for photo booths, for instance, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, etc.

#3 Neon backdrops
One of the trendy backdrops of the year because it looks great in pictures, and often girls would like to take pictures with it.

#4 LED backdrops
This is one of the most flexible options you can have. They are interactive, it could change accordingly to the background music and the performance on stage.

5 most useful tips for event backdrop design

#1 Size matters
Make sure your backdrop is perfectly designed and sized for the event and space where it’s held, in order to have your backdrop design to stand out.

#2 Resolution
Logo size should be in original vector file and photos in the artwork have to be as high as possible to avoid pixelation in printing.

#3 Focus
What is the purpose of the backdrop design? Define the key message and wise use of visual message to convey it.

#4 Layouts
Less is more, use fewer photos, fewer words and never overdo. Keep only important content, what’s not to remove.

#5 Fonts
The font to use for a birthday party backdrop is not suitable for a formal conference.

#6 Convey a feeling
At the end, the backdrop design needs to be able to convey certain feelings.

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