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SEO service by reputable SEO company.

Our SEO service tested and proven to get website to rank higher in search engine - such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Is your website rank on that first page of Search Engine? Or do you competitor?

SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of getting your website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. Subsequently, increases website traffic and sales leads online.

Hence, the next thing after you engage a web design service provider, would be finetune your website to listed on google first page. Different from Google Adwords service, SEO is not a Pay Per Click (PPC) service.

What is the SEO?

SEO is stand for search engine optimization. It’s a practice to optimize your web pages to make them reach a high position search results at Google or other search engines.

SEO focuses on improving your website ranking organically and it is different from advertising (ADS).

The 9 reasons why SEO is vital for SME businesses.

SEO service help your website appear at Google search engine. In other words, you will able to reach you those people who searching for products similar to you. Different from cold call which calling people that do not have needs yet, people who search for a product online have the needs.

Over the past years, we have helped business owners and brands to reach out very potential clients online daily. And allowed them to get new customers and boost the sales. In fact, SEO is one of the most strategic online marketing channels to get high quality leads.

1. The primary source of website traffic
Organic search is playing a huge part in most businesses’ website performance. Without a good SEO score, it is hard to generate traffic to your website.

2. Find new customers and assist the growth
An optimized website will constantly be found by people who are looking for your products or services which will assist SME business to gain new sales and growth.

3. Increases brand recognition
SEO service helps gain visibility in front of customers who have already determined a need for the products or services you offer but have not yet heard of your company/brand. In the long run, it could increase your brand recognition because by ranking on the first page, your company/brand is exposed to unlimited customers.

4. Build trust and credibility
A result that is generated by SEO is organic, it’s different from paid ads. Therefore, it is more convincing and trustworthy when customers find you solely through a search. Besides, it also promotes your brand credibility

5. Bypass Competition
When one optimized website, its web page will easily be promoted to the search engine front page. It certainly reduces potential visitors to visit your competitors’ website instead of your website because you can be seen on the front page.

6. Relatively inexpensive
In terms of ROI, SEO service is one of the best long-term investments for SME businesses. A good SEO can make an impact on your business growth. Without reaching out to the right audience by allowing them to reach you when they need you, it is tough to sell your services or product to them when they don’t see the need for your products or services.

7. SEO can increases your market target
Over 70% of searches result on the first rank are search engine optimized. If you’re not investing in an SEO strategy, you could be missing out for your customers to see you in the top of search. Similar to other marketing channels, it helped you to reach out more new customers (who in need) and generate more sales from it.

8. SEO help your compete with competitors
By appear your website in the first page of google results, you’re increasing your site visit and it simplys means decreasing a searcher to visit your competitors website which falls below your ranking.

9. Boost effective marketing efforts
Having a good website is never enough. Regardless how good is your products listed or the marketing copywriting on your website, it is meaningless when there are no traffic. It just like open a store without anyone visiting which will ended with no sales.

How to rank higher in search engine?

A company that provide website search engine optimization (SEO) can help you get up to the top ranking on search engines. The concept is Search Engine like Google promotes authority website that relevant to the top of its ranking. Authority is measured by the number and quality of links from other links to the website. And the other authority measurement would be based on the relevant of your content.

There are many ways to improve a website’s ranking. SEO service focus on on-page optimization, build links, design your website, optimize your site for useful keywords and online promotion to increase traffic to your website.

To further speed up the ranking result, we also recommend to SEO based on regional (or country) example Malaysia.

SEO service would also save you tons of time wasted on creating content. This involves writing content that people will find useful.

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