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Graphic design service.

Professional graphic design services from top graphic design company in Malaysia

As a professional graphic design company, everything we do has a crystal clear goal : To set your brand apart from your competitors.

Our proven experience in graphic design services allow us to design your brand to be impactful, remembered and recognized.

If your business need a marketing material or website, why not make it top notch and make your business stand out?

We would love to get started to provide a graphic designing service that fit your design goal. See some examples of graphic design in our portfolio!

5 reasons why appealing graphic design is essential in marketing

Graphic design is doing art for certain purpose. The main function is to creatively and systematically solve a problem (or to achieve certain objectives) with the use of images and symbols.

For business, we need graphic design service to create visual content to tell our marketing messages. And thus, such design service help business to create impressive packaging design, advertisement design and marketing materials design.

Professional graphic design service provider help you deliver your messages clearly and effectively. Our graphic designers are trained to be able to design with this concept: inform, persuade, direct, organize, entertain, and attract attention of customer. We combine art and technology to communicate and convey the message.

If you are a business owner or a marketing department, you’re really need of graphic design service before you launch your product. Graphics design also can tell your customer by make a simple story of your brand through images.

#1 Make a good first impression
A good design is what catches the audience’s attention first and creates a good first impression. It is important for any business to make a good impression on audiences, in order to attract audiences to read about your business.

#2 Build brand credibility
Graphic design is the strength behind your brand/company. An interesting visual will establish a company as a serious professional business.

#3 Creativity sets you apart from the competition
To stay ahead of competitors in the market, one has to be creative.

#4 To make your content user-friendly
Graphic design is a combination of content and design. A good graphic design makes your content user-friendly, thus your users can consume the information that you present. That is why, it is important to have a simple, clear layout, and a good UI design.

#5 Drive conversion rate and increase ROI
Visitors will only click on ads that attract their eyes and capture their mind with the right message. A good graphic design, whether it on facebook, website, or brochure, it all serves to tantalize the customer’s senses and urge them to take desired action. This drives conversions and sales.

Benefits of our Graphic Design Services

With over 10 years of experience in graphic design services, we can ensure our customers with top quality service.

1. On-time delivery: All projects are done on-time or before the dateline agreed. Unless customer need more time to prepare.
2. Top design SOP: Our tested design S.O.P. (Standard Operating Procedure) are the secret to high quality and consistency works.
3. Experience team: Our consultant, designer, copywriter are trained and updated with latest graphic designing practice.
4. Trust-able: See our Malaysia customers testimonial to believe.

Type of Graphic Design Services

1. Visual identity graphic design: Create logo, business cards, stationary and design across various media with consistent typography, colour combination and styles.
2. Marketing material graphic design: Design attention getting marketing material to promote and attract target audience. Common marketing graphic design are posters, brochures, flyers, billboards, banners, facebook ads and presentation slides.
3. User interface graphic design: Mobile apps, web page design and system interface design. A user interface or is called UI is how an user interacts with a device or application. An UI includes all of the things a user interacts to the screen, keyboard and mouse. UI design are more focuses on the user’s visual that change to screen graphic elements like buttons, menus, and micro-interactions.

4. Product packaging graphic design: Box, bottle label, pouch bag, sachet and tag.

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Graphic Design Portfolio.

Graphic design services such as logo, marketing materials, sales kit and packaging