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How to market a product like a pro.

The Super 4C: Competitor, customer, content and customer service

How to market a product like a pro. The super 4C (Competitor, Customer, Content, Customer Service)

Launching a new product to the market can be the start of a wonderful journey or a disaster. It is the goal of every business to make the best of their marketing investment. When it comes to promoting a new product, marketers must employ a variety of marketing approaches to ensure that the right message is communicated through the right medium, and to the right audience.

If you are wondering how to marketing a product like a pro, the following tips would come in handy.

* Analyse on your competitors strength and weakness
* Know who is your key customers and who is not
* Make your brand and content more likeable
* Quick customer service response

Learn your competition
Make a list of businesses that offer similar products or services. Perform the SWOT analysis which is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The ultimate goal is to finetune the product or service to be unique and avoid direct competition. It’s important to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and imagine what they’re buying and the available options for them.

Target your ideal customers
To minimize the marketing expenditure, it is important to focus exclusively on the prospects who likely to buy from you. Your best prospects have a need for what you have to offer and appreciate the features of your new product or service. Understand their profile such as age income, age, location, education level and behaviour.

Make Your Brand and Content More Likable
You should have a unique message which meet the needs and desires of the best prospects. Creating high-quality posts that discuss your business or related topics that users will be interested in reading. The goal is to get the user to like and share your content, bringing traffic to your site and remind them on a regular basis.

Quick sales response
The customer will feel satisfied in getting instant replies from your business. Make your business available online to help them. Your company’s sales team should be patient, friendly and helpful in order to offer your clients the experience they deserve.

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